My website has been long overdue for an update and I finally decided to start working on something. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to present my work and I decided that I wanted to put together a site that allowed me to focus on posting more frequently. This would give me the option of showcasing some of the cool projects I’ve been working on at California State University Channel Islands, as well as some freelance gigs.

Having a site that would allow me to go in and make changes quickly and easily was very important to me. I didn’t want to contact a web designer every time I needed a change and I also didn’t want to spend a ton on a new redesign. I looked through my control panel after logging into my sites administration web page and saw that I had access to WordPress. I’ve always loved their CMS, so I figured I’d search around to see if I could find a theme that could work for me.

I found Tracks, by Complete Themes, after searching around for a few days. For now, this site works well. It’s easy to maintain and if I need to add a few features, it won’t require an arm an leg to do so (LOL! They are not a sponsor! I just love the design of their sites). It’s also responsive, which is a must have in todays iPhone and iPad world. Everyone is on tablets or smart phones, so having a site that can adjust for every situation is a necessity.

I’m excited about all of this, because it will give me an opportunity to post more frequently, as well as write about my work. That is something I’ve never really done and I think that might be fun as a challenge to myself. I’m not that great at it, so I’ll apologize in advance for all the grammatical eras.

Looking forward to sharing with you guys!

The photo up top was taken on Santa Rosa Island, off the coast of California. I followed students from CSU Channel Islands there and photographed them for three days. In the photo, the students are taking a tour around a barn that was once owned by one of the ranchers that used the island for cattle ranching and a private hunting reserve.

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